Friday, July 29, 2011

Straight talk 2 me

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One more day and it's another weekend and mind you this week is the last week of July. So August here we come and love to tell you guys that this Summer is the best of all Summer. Me and my friends are hanging out a lot at water park, at the lake or picking fruits at the farm. So far I love it and for the month of August all my weekends are fully book hehe.  

But here is what happened to me the other week. Our bill came in and I was shocked to see that our bill goes as high as $200. And that is not what I found out the store that hubby bought his phone and service, instead of getting a one year contract he was put to two years contract we are already done with the contract last month now he put it back to two years I was pissed off!! It was like a hook, line and sinker moment but hubby knew how to make me calm down. He bought a pizza for me and a cold drink. My step-daughter came to joined us and we told her everything.  

Well she told us to call the phone service and cancel it. But we were at the restaurant at that time so we didn't call them right away. While waiting for our order she told us to change our phone service.  She even joke us that mom knows best and that this time I have to listen ^_^. She said since they transfer their phone service to Straight talk she don't worry of her bills that will shocked the world lol!!  Straight talk everything you need even the coolest phone you want they have it. She also told us that since I call my family in the Philippines every weekend and that is an international call Straight talk is the best! To even call a friend with  my phone is kind of hard because I am worried that I consume all the minutes and that I have to pay for extra minutes used, geez!!  Hubby and I are discouraged how they dealt us since we are a long time customer but I guess in this world there is always a goodbye ^_^

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