Saturday, July 16, 2011

Men scrubs

When I was young I used to see doctors and nurses wearing white. The nurse had this cap with white skirt while the doctors had this long white lab coat. That's why at school when we saw a woman wearing all white with a black bag that means it's injection time, the flu vaccine is here. So we as a kid is so scared that some go ran out of the room and left school and many just stayed inside the room and cried. I think I am the one who didn't cried but hate the idea why we have to undergo this kind of torture lol!!
Today, the white uniform for nurse and doctors are change to more colorful ones. I saw in some pediatrician clinics they had pink scrubs which is really cool! It looks nicer than the all white uniform that really entails hospital and injection. ^_^ And at my time when I was in the elementary it's very rare to find a man nurse, right? Usually it's a woman that is a nurse even our school nurse is a woman. Anyway, my step-grandson is going to graduate this December and right away he is looking for a very durable and high quality scrubs. His cousin told him to check the site of because they had everything that he needs for. As I looked at it the other day while they are discussing I found it really interesting. It has four colors for pants and for me it does look  very comfortable. My step-son didn't hesitate to checked it too and he immediately phoned his friends to look at the site too. I hope he got what he wants the is a very good kid and he deserves to have a durable scrub. 

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