Thursday, July 14, 2011

Need to clean your kitchen tile?

My sister in law and her husband are in Austin, Texas right now since Friday, June 1. She had one son and daughter there with their family as well. Aside from that her brother also lives in San Antonio and to be back and forth to this two beautiful places is not as bad as going to Michigan then Texas by plane. She hates to be on a plane all the time but there is no better way to arrive the soonest but to ride a plane ^_^ So since last week they were at Austin, she also called us every day to know what's going on with our life and asking how's our temperature up here in MI. One time she called us and she told us that down where she was they had at about 101F, geez that is too hot already. Here in MI when the temperature reached to 80F that seems like unbearable already. Remember we are the cold people as they said lol!! 
This morning she called again and told the news that her son Will had a problem with their kitchen tile. Since it's their  first problem his wife called her Uncle if he knew of a service company who could cleaned up really well and if the cost is okey too. His Uncle knew about The who could clean and restore on anything you want to do for them. So Will get the number and called  kitchen tile cleaning Austin, Texas and right away they came to checked on what kind of service they had to do. Hubby asked his sister what happened to the kitchen tile but she said it just need a good tender loving care. Well that is good enough reasoning ^_^


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