Friday, July 29, 2011

Green grapes

For the past weeks I could say  I am sleep deprived. It's because that I always play games on the Internet and I already heard hubby complaining about it. One thing too that I noticed is that my eye bag is getting dark and I don't like it either. Yesterday at around 2:00 pm I was getting very sleepy. I told hubby I would sleep early and so I did. I was sleeping so tight at night I woke up and heard the rain, thunderstorm and lightning but I like it makes me feel comfortable of the sound around me. 
But before I sleep yesterday I went to the field and look for something that can capture my attention. Well I was having one even if I was the only one at the field because around me are beautiful butterflies and dragonflies and other insects. When I was at the back of our barn I saw grapes!! Yes it is still green but it's grapes and I just love how it look from where I was standing. So I took photos and here it is.

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