Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer is here

Yes Summer is officially here and I could feel it. This morning as hubby and I are headed to Sacred Heart Seminary the temperature is already 74F and it's humid. For me the humidity makes it more uncomfortable but when we arrived at the school it immediately pour heavy rain, what the heck?? But hubby told me as he goes home that morning it didn't rain his way, I don't understand that, does he mean only in our area had that rain? That was so cool right?
Anyway, today is my second day of school and this is the last week for my catechist class. Then I have to take two classes since yesterday I was absent. Then next week I am going to do the Vacation Bible Class to help Ms. A for this church event. It would be cool to know more kids in the parish and I pray that their will be many kids that are registered this year. That is for now I have to do something outside plant the plants that was given to me last Friday. I am afraid it would die since it's too hot today. Ciao!

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