Saturday, June 18, 2011

Round Robin Challenge-Big

                                   My first time to see in person a real windmill. I never thought how huge is this and what's the use. When I was inside a guide told us what's the use and how this windmill was brought from Holland to here in Michigan piece by piece. Can you imagine that? Thankfully I had the chance to climb the stairs going up this windmill and when I was up there it feels good. I only wonder if the wind is harsh and hard if I can feel the same lol!! This is my contribution for Round Robin Challenge for BIG!


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Hi, Kim! You're right, that is a BIG windmill! I'm sure only the top part was in Holland originally; that's the way they looked when I was there many years ago, and the few I've seen in the States over the years. Very cool - I haven't seen a proper traditional windmill in years! I work in a windy place, but if they ever put up a windmill I'm sure it would be one of the modern metal ones.

Jama said...

I've never seen a windmill before, perhaps just the replica and small scale not the real working ones.


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