Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cohabitation before marriage

After the passing of law in New York about Same sex marriage I would like to note this piece of information I read in our church bulletin today.

I personally have been told every reason under the sun why people should cohabitate rather than commit to marriage and would like to address this with the help of "Catholic Update through Anthony Press" Some of the "Reasoning" for cohabitation is the convenience, saving money and then to try it out to make sure it will work out."

                         Some of the negative effects of cohabitating before marriage are :

> Those who end up married, have a 85% higher risk of divorce than those who didn't  cohabitate.
> There is less satisfactory adjustments in marriage.
> There are harmful effects on children.
> They tend to duck tough issues.
>  They tend to repress anger and avoid criticism.
> They fail to develop realistic and satisfactory financial habits.
> They suffer strained relationships with parents, close family members and friends.
> They have unrealistic visions of marriage.
> They struggle with the undercurrent of guilt.
> Most of these are attributed to the original lack of commitment and how fragile the relationship is.

PARENTS - Please share these examples with your young adults and encourage them to wait until they are sure of the relationship enough to marry this person and not just try them out.  Playing house can be very dangerous spiritually, emotionally and physically. Then need solid reasons to not follow the crowd and be told "Everyone is NOT doing it".

Source: Youth Ministry News

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