Sunday, June 26, 2011

My green

Since I came here in the US 7 years ago I had a problem with a very dry skin compare to PI when I had an oily skin. Added to it is that I am in my mid 40's and my skin particularly on my face gets so dry and don't like how I look. For me it's okey if I have a dry skin on my arms, hands or legs but for the face it's kind of a bummer. So I tried all these cheap and not so cheap products but to no avail. Until I found out this new product from St. Ives. I've known St. Ives since college and when I was working but didn't know that they had products for the face. So I tried it and come to think of it none of the products are above $6.00 and the most important thing is that it works on me!!! Here are my new St Ives products ...
                         By the way I am not paid to say something for these products this just what I am using now and work on me ^_^ Linking to Green Monday


gagay said...

i tried st. ives green tea scrub.. :D ganda ng effects sa mukha.. :D

hopping from Green Monday! Hope you can see how green Gumamela and the Leaves in a mixed coolers! see yah there!

Willa @ My Everyday LIFE said...

ohhh...I love St. Ives!! Most of their products are really effective and what more, cheap,for cheapskate like me! lol!

Vhen said...

i have tried that before, and will try again and see if may effect na sa oily face ko heheheh...

visiting from GM!

here are my entries:

hope to see you there, thanks!

Vhen said...

i have tried that before, and will try again and see if may effect na sa oily face ko heheheh...

visiting from GM!

here are my entries:

hope to see you there, thanks!

Arlene said...

I think i've seen tbhese products in some imported shops but never had the chance to buy one.

I am trying to look for something mild for my daughter who is having acne problems. Probably allergy but really looks acne. This might work on her. I'll research about it.

Wena said...

I like the smell of green tea. I must try these St. Ives products.

visiting from Green Monday. Hope to see in my entry at:

thanks! =)

January said...

hmmm.. I should try that if effective ba sa face ko.. hehe

Visiting from Green Monday
Hope you can come and visit my Greens: Pretty Lilium, Demitasse Cups and Ferrari or Rattle. Thanks!

reanaclaire said...

hello..coming by to visit your lovely blog..

Rcel said...

I love St. Ives products, too! I used the facial wash and it's my next choice when I run out of Pond's. Lol.

I do have GREEN SCENES TAKEN IN MOTION when we drove to Milwaukee a couple weeks ago. You might want to take a look at my captures! See you! :)

imriz said...

ayay! loved st ives apricot scrub, very refreshing, been in my bathroom caddy for years now,same w/ cetaphil cleanser:)

giveaway? hehe

melandria said...

i always favor St. ives too, i love their apricot scrub. i have been using them since my high school days until sometime now!

Thanks for sharing.

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