Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Couples Corner:Honey, are we lost?

Rodliz’s Nest

Do we all know that men don't stop and ask for direction? But why do we allow them to do the driving, lol!! Few years ago we went to Indiana to get the tractor that my hubby and his brother bought it online (ebay). So off we go to Indiana with just this map quest printed...this is before GPS has ever invented lol!!  Or maybe it's invented and it's already sold in Best Buy but we  don't have it yet at that time. When we were already in the place, hubby has this hard time following the mapquest, I am the navigator because I am the passenger so he has to follow me even if I am not the one behind the wheel. But he oftentimes don't like to follow me so we ended up going around and around and it gets creepy already. I feel that we've been drawn to the innermost part of this huge corn plantation and the road gets narrower and to think that I am a horror movie diva fanatic, my mind is already playing with me. What if the crows will come out and this boogey man is waiting for us somewhere, oh gush it makes me started to get spooky and panicky. I started to yell to my hubby to go back to where we came from, because I said it felt so creepy already. So we go back and we find this one lone gasoline station where people just stare at you, but I didn't hesitate to get out from the pick up truck and went inside the store asked where was the address lead to. Good thing is that their was this one cop, and he is off duty and he is the one who talked to me, I told him my hubby is in the pick up truck can he talked to him, geez he didn't get out, grrrr!! After that we drove and headed to the place that we are looking for and we found the house, took the tractor and drove home. Men are so bad in asking for direction they don't like to ask and even if we have tomtom/gps now he still sometimes don't want to follow our tomtom, gushness!!
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Calleigh said...

I can relate to that... hubby is acting that way too.. I need to raise my voice so he will do the asking.. I dont know why..I guess men are born to be like that?

But good thing, we never encountered that kind of experience yet.. hahaha

Kim, USA said...

Hi Umma, I think that is really a men thing which makes it balance to women think that sometimes dak nang dak din ^)^

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, it's really creepy to enter a corn plantation road that gets narrower and narrower. I don't blame you for being alarmed and panicky, hehehe. Great that you were able to get direction from an off duty cop and you were able to find the house you were looking for. Thanks for the suspenseful post. God bless you always.

lisa said...

Definitely a man-thing!
Great post.

teJan said...

wahahahhah...what a bad navigator you hmm it happens all the time!

mine is up too:)

Soulful said...

that sounds like a scene in a horror film, Jeepers Creepers, lol! good thing you had the nerve to ask for help...

Mommy Liz said...

Oh di ba? di ka nag iisa. Ganyang ganyan ang asawa ko, susko! ako na ang naiiyak sa takot kapag di makita ang place, or baka kako maubusan na kami ng gas mas lalong nakakatokot. Kainis, ang sarap sigawan noh?

Jona said...

diba lagi may gasoline station sa mga creepy movies and cops and turns out all of them are connivances...hahaha! :D i told you, i don't want to watch those kind of movies hehe :D
my CC is here

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