Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Featured Blogger #2 - Mommy Rose

With a lot of juggling thinking I come out with the my second featured blogger and that is Mommy Rose (as I called her ^_^). Mommy Rose is one of those who help me start with my blogging (there are two bloggers who will of course be featured here soon). She is kind enough to answer my questions, which she is so patient enough to answer my queries. And I am very  amazed on how she take care and love her family, of course to John (her loving husband) and two Burritos ^_^, Rye and EJ, whom I have the privileged to see this kids grow through Mommy Rose blogs and photos. Aside from that, I see Mommy Rose getting sexier and prettier each day, diba? ^_^  Here is one of the blog of Mommy Rose Obstacle and Glories 

                    Visit her blog and and you will find some of blogs too. Congratulations Mommy Rose!! 

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