Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Book#5-When Day Breaks

I just started a book last night and the title is When Day Breaks. The author is Mary Jane Clark. I think this is my second time that I read her book and I like it though. Well this time after reading a few chapters last night, if only I am not that sleepy and I have a problem with my %$^#& I would stay the whole night and read her book. Anyhow, I have today and tonight to read it more. I like her style of writing a novel it's not dragging and I like it. I like reading a suspense novel that keep me turning the page fast and each page a twist and turn occur. When day breaks for sure has a lot of twist and turn and in my mind I already have some suspicion to who is the bad "guy" but will see. 
                                                                         Book #5

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