Monday, March 14, 2011

My Dad's birthday

Yesterday was my father's birthday. If he didn't passed away in his young age he could be 75 years old. But he died at the age of 50 years old and that is too young. I missed my Papa, he is a man of integrity and is very hard working. Sometimes I just wonder what if him and my mom are still here and we are all married now, and they have their grand kids, they might be tickled with happiness. Since my Papa died early we don't have good quality time. I remember when he is back from work (he is a sales rep) and stayed for days or a week, we all flocked to his side we forget our mama lol! People around him love him, I haven't known a person who don't like him. He always had this ready smile on his face and every time he do that his golden tooth is seen. Many thought that I am a carbon copy of my dad, and with that though in mind I often look for a resemblance and often time I seen a lot of it ^_^. 
Last Saturday, I texted my brother reminding him that it's our fathers birthday the next day. And asked him to lit a candle and offer a prayer for him. What I also did I prayed for a rosary and offered it to his soul, fand riends that need prayers. Missed papa much!

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emmanuelmateo said...

happy birthday to your papa ate!!


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