Friday, March 11, 2011

Book #7- Plum wine

I am so happy that I am in my 7th book. I just finished the other book last night and today I want to read it because it just perk my curiosity. I like reading book that is a story about women in China or Japan, because they have a rich heritage and we all knew that women in the past era suffered a lot due to their customs and traditions. I think many Chinese and Japanese or even Koreans still do follow their heritage but I think not much to the new generation minded people. I read the book Memoirs of Geisha and Willow fan and I so love it. I was in the library and looking to this book called Shanghai girls or women I am not sure, but can't find it. So when I saw this book Plum Wine and read tidbits of some pages I get excited. Can't wait to start really for I knew that this time I might discover again another customs and traditions Japanese do have. Happy Friday everyone!


DeanO said...

Ms. Kim - where do you find all the time do do all the activities and manage all your blogs. You must have great time management skills. Do you use a day planner?

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Wide reader ka pala Kim. Mabuti yan. Sa age kasi nang information revolution at internet ay bibihira na lang ang nagbabasa nang libro. Kung magbasa man ay ebook pa. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Kim, USA said...

Finished this novel the other night and it was pretty good. The plot of the story is about an American teaching English in Japan. She meet a Japanese woman who is a professor in college then she died and left a chest full of plum wine wrapped in rice paper. That is where that thrill and story begins.
I love how it start and how it ends. When I was done reading I felt my heart is beating fast I like to end the story in another tone but oh well the author capture my attention to the last wee hour in the morning..yes I slept 4:13am!! Until now I am still sleepy lol!
A must read...well actually my SIL is reading it now. Hope she likes it.

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