Thursday, March 10, 2011


 I just watched this show on tv titled intervention. It's hard to see people who suffer because of their addiction. Today, they featured two women, the one is addicted to illegal drugs and the other one is addicted to shopping (compulsive shopping). In their story, both women had a traumatic past. They both were raped and molested when they were young. And they regressed all the pain that they undergo in their life and they manifest it through addiction to something.
It's hard to watch like this show because this is reality and how many people suffered addiction in different forms. And almost always the whole family is disturbed by one family member who has this problem. The good  thing with today's show is that both women were able to sober themselves. But in their past shows some leave the intervention program and go back to their old lifestyle which is a devastation to the whole family because they only wish and wanted to help their loved one. Illegal drugs is rampant everywhere  and anywhere you could find it I just do hope that someday people would think that it would not bring them  any good. And an intervention is a must if we like our love ones to be sober.


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