Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CC:When I thought it's over

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I am back!! I think I missed a lot of topic here but it's okey I am going to make the most of this topic and the next to come. The topic is really a nice one, I haven't totally thought that our relationship is over (speaking of married life) since we are only married seven years. But there is one event that happened few years back, I came back from the Philippines for a month vacation at that time. All my luggages where not even sorted out but since I had this bad jet lag I slept and slept all the time. After I think two days since I arrived here in MI, I   went to the computer and checked my emails and tinker my yahoo messenger, FB was not at it's peak at this time, yet. When I logged on the yahoo messenger it happened that my hubby's ym is on because when I was in the Philippines instead of him calling me I'll just checked him on my YM and leave messages, it goes pretty well. I was not snooping actually but it just so happened it was on, so I checked the archive and lo and behold, he is chatting to somebody else!!!! 
Did my heart skip a bit?? Girls, it didn't skipped a bit it jump like a salamagan!! I felt my horn started to rise and curl and my tail started to come out, and what else started to come out? My pangs!! I don't know but I was just fuming MAD, ridiculously MAD!! I read the chat log, and told myself to think of the big box to be opened minded and  etc!! To heck with all those graciousness, I just exploded and everything was unleashed!!
I immediately asked him what's all this chatting all about? I did copied the chat logs, in front of my hubby's face I showed him the paper, and he kept on telling me that their is nothing going on. He has this American friend who is the bf of this (pinay) woman ( he is chatting), and it so happened that he was online and she is online so they chatted. But I don't like that, I told my hubby since you became my bf then a husband I have never chatted to anybody anymore!
I don't know it just escalate, my anger was to the brim that all the things inside the house that I passed was broken. I was mad, wild like 10 wild horse!! I was in the dining room, shouting and yelling and crying, that I picked up one chair and throw at him!! Still he keep on following me until he cried, but when you are mad you don't see it, you think that it's a crocodile tears!! 
So I decided to left him, that time that moment. I saw my un-opened luggages I picked it up and told him to bring me to a hotel because I am going to leave him. He was so hesitant to do it but I told him if you are not going to do that something will happened here. So he got all my luggages and brought me to a hotel. I was inside the room still crying and crying, and when I looked out the window he was there at the parking lot. I told him to go home and leave me alone. I didn't know I doze off a little bit but the whole night I was crying until I decided to call my SIL and told her about what happened.
Of course, she was shocked and she asked me to pray with her and we did. The next day, I heard a knocked on the door and when I opened it, it was him!! Oh my gulay!! How I missed him so much, I didn't realized it until I saw him that morning. He asked me to come home and I did. Sometimes when I get moody or mad at him I reminded him of that time, which immediately I thought it's not a good idea, a past is the past,  so I just bit my lips and tame my tongue. We all love to have a good and smooth relationship so looking back and reminding of the bad things is not a good idea. I thought at that time it's over, thank God I listened to HIM. 
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gengen said...

Thanks for sharing everything happened for a reason...mine is up.

balatsibuyas (IMRIZ) said...

unleashing an anger...ay makarelate ako jan...pero not throwing anything...sayang kz...haha
ur right, history is history, if u keep on ressurecting something's that's been dead, aba e, CHAOS nga!

nice to share this, manang kim (IMRIZ)

Mommy Liz said...

Grabe naman Manang Kim, as in pati pangil mo lumabas? I felt my head got big dun sa sobrang galit mo. Bkait nga kaya kapag nagseselos ang isang tao, parang wala ng ibang maisip. ganyan di ako ke Rodney, pero di pa naman ako umalis ng house, dami kasing bibitbitng anak eh hehehe..

I am glad you're back on CC. I missed reading your stories,. you are funny when you relate your marriage and the way you write it, as if I was there watching you throwing a chair at him. ang lakas naman ng power mo, hehehe..

Roxxy said...

Ai tama lang na lahat lumabas manang Kim!haha..kakaloka, kainis nga naman ang ganyan noh pero as long as you trust each other and listen to the side of ur hubby things will be ok! Thanks for ahraing!

my entry here

Ai KaiRui Liu said...

that was horrible...I've been there as well, and it really hurts so've been loyal all your life to a man and then he'll do otherwise..

well, was happy knowing that nangingibabaw pa rin yung love...ganun naman talaga dapat...we have to learn from our mistakes...and always remember that past shouldnt be brought up over and over again...

here's my entry

Calleigh said...

It's expected to let loose one's fury once a relationship is being threatened.

Perhaps your hubby was being browbeaten by your furious reactions. Well, it served him a lesson not to mess up with the wifey.

But at least, all ends well and bury the hatchet.

Pehpot said...

nakakatakot ka pala magalit :)

pero in fairness if I am in your situation, magwawala din ako hehe

Soulful said...

wow! that's OUTRAGEOUS, lol!


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