Sunday, February 20, 2011

Suicide or Murder?

My first time to set down here in front of my laptop. Today is basically a busy day for me and hubby. This morning we went to church at 10:30am and after mass we went home. We both prepare our lunch and after that we relax a little bit and went off again to attend the memorial of my hubby's distant cousin who died a week ago.
My hubby's family is huge and so many specially the young generation my hubby don't already knew them. But the good thing is that the older ones he did still knew them and thankfully they are still here. So we talked about what really happened to their cousin. And the story is that his wife took off with this man. The day before he died he called his relative here in MI that the boyfriend of his wife told him that "if you are not dead now you will be soon". Which when he died the next day, it was kind of a surprised to everybody because I think the cops were telling the family here that he commit suicide!! But we all doubt it. All his siblings couldn't accept that ruling that he committed a suicide for so many facts. Before that tragic day, he bought food for himself, if you planned on killing yourself why do you have to do some grocery? Then he also told one of his brother that, that coming Monday (he died Sunday) he is going to go to a divorce lawyer so he could divorce his wife and set her free. And all of a sudden he was dead!! 
He was only 57 years old and he has a good career ahead of him. He got a degree just recently and he is planning to be a probationary officer. We all are sad and two of her siblings is I guess trying to contact the detectives where he lives but couldn't contacted him/her. I, we all pray that what really happened will gonna come out. And if we can't get justice here God can do the revenge for us for HE said vengeance is mine!
                                                           May his soul rest in peace!

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