Monday, February 21, 2011

Jennifer Aniston

Ain't she so pretty? I think she is in her 40's but I am so impress of her body how she take care of it. But then what makes me feel bad about her is that she couldn't find a good man for her! After her divorced with Brad Pitt she seems like at a lost of finding a man. I didn't knew that she was married to Brad Pitt for 5 years!!! For five years and she didn't have a child? I wonder why? But then I also find out that she don't want to get pregnant? We were talking at her last Saturday with my girl friends and that's the information that I gathered. What a decision (for me) that she just passed by. Now she is thinking of adopting it, oh my Jennifer where was that mentality when you are married to Brad Pitt. Now, Brand Pitt is in the arms of Angelina Jolie and she just keep on popping babies even to the point that her doctor told her not to get pregnant anymore and that's the difference that this two beautiful woman has. Just so sad that Jennifer and Brad broke up and if the reason is because she doesn't want to get pregnant, Jennifer could still be crying over the spilled milk. -sigh-

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