Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Restaurant coupon

Last Saturday, two of my friends celebrated their birthday together. They choose the restaurant called Tokyo Buffett and Lounge located in 12 mile rd, Southfield, Michigan. So I looked at the website if they have coupons available, and they did. It was from Valpak and so I printed two coupons since hubby is with me. After I printed it out I called the restaurant and asked if they are going to accept coupons, because I thought it's Saturday they might not accept coupons on weekend. To my surprised the woman who received my call told  me they don't accept coupons because it's a Chinese New Year that night. I was taken aback because I don't think it's consider Chinese New year a holiday for every body it's only for them, right? So I didn't bring my coupon but still a question was lurking in my mind if it is really right. Anyway, in the coupon it says there it is not valid on holidays, well maybe Chinese New Year is part of it ^_^


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