Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Lockers

The first time I set foot inside the school of my step-grandson, I was in awe! It's beautiful inside, huge and it looks like everything is on the right place. As we roamed around I noticed that at the hall lockers lining against the wall is by color and it looks like durable and it's all clean.
I then thought of the school back in my native country and can't help but compare the two. It was too way different in size and in everything. As we roamed around the school. I noticed too an employee lockers which for me is very cool. It was also painted in different color I guess all the students and employees knew whose lockers are those just by the colors. For me it's really pretty and very systematic if everybody has their own locker because you can put all your things inside and don't worry if you gonna lost something or leave something behind. As we talked to my step-grandson's teacher I couldn't help but asked how beautiful their lockers are. she told us that they got it in a very good price because at that time they found a school lockers for sale in time when they were looking for lockers for the new school building. She told us that they were happy to get it for a fact that they save a lot  and also the quality of the lockers are 100% durable!

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