Monday, February 24, 2014

Punk Baby Clothes

For almost ten years that I live here in Michigan, I think this is the winter that I see so cold and so high the snow. I do not know how Mother Nature will going to melt all these snow but it will. In every winter there is always a spring coming and I am hoping for that time to come. I just hope that spring will come in big force so the winter will go away fast I so done with so much snow and cold.
Yesterday, I went to my friends house bunch of friends came to visit one of our friend too. When hubby and I got home some of my hubby’s grandkids where there waiting for us. You know how a household goes with so many teenagers geez I was exhausted! Talking to teens, I think we are all the same, growing up, but we do not have of what they have now. I told them that they have to be careful now a day’s people have cell phones they can record what you do and post it online it would devastate them. We are thankful that my hubby’s grandkids and great grandkids are great people. They are not perfect but they are great and good people. While we were talking, about what is going on in their lives our conversation shifted to what is going on with their friends? One grandkid of my hubby told us about her friend who is pregnant, she says to shop for awesome punk baby clothes at is an awesome experience. She does like the site she found in the internet because it just not only sell baby clothes but also stuff teenagers do like to have.  I check out the site immediately after all the teens are gone and they are right there is much great stuff in this site.

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