Thursday, February 21, 2013

Metal Buttons

     Soon it will be spring then summer it is the time to spend a lot of time outside the house and see my flower and vegetable garden. Gardening is one of my interest as well as photography. However, there is one thing that catches my attention it is button collection. One time I was at my sister in law’s house it was my first time to set foot at her house and I am very amaze of what I saw she has jars and jars of buttons. She is been collecting buttons since she was young and so she filled jars big and small to the brim. One thing that I also like is that she put one color in one jar it is which makes it very colorful to look at. One time after I knew that she likes buttons I started to collect and every time I found one, I keep it and give it to her. I was at her house the other day and saw her separating some buttons to another so I help her. I found out that she had plenty of old buttons that we could hardly find now. However, I notice she does not have many metal buttons and I ask him why she told me it is somewhat hard to find. I look at the internet and found a site that sell wholesale metal buttons. I am thinking of buying some for her at the same time I like to start a new hobby, which include metal buttons. Right now, I am collecting purses and bags that I find in the thrift store and try to design it with metal buttons. It would be cool to wear it this spring and summer but I think metal buttons is not just for bags and purses but also for jackets, I cannot wait to start my new hobby.


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