Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do you wear white Jeans?

Before I had my one month long vacation in the Philippines I went shopping. In the fashion world it says that white is in for summer. I do not wear white pants. It connotes heavy look, easy to get dirty, and bulges is easy to see specially in the thigh area. But I thought of trying it. So off I go shopping and looking for white pants. I ended up buying one jeans in Papaya for $10.00 but my two white jeans is a good deal. I bought it at thrift store and I guess it is only $5.00 each. Mind you when I look at the brand they are expensive a great deal indeed!

 One is size 8 and the other one is 6 and since it is long I cut if off and sew it by myself! ^_^ Turns out really nice and the fitting is awesome. I think both has a very good fitting on my "tush" I do not need a push up lol it just shape naturally. Now I am an addict of white jeans and looking for bold blouses or tops to match my white jeans. Does anybody familiar with London Jean and Christopher Blue? It's a very good material and love it.

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Mae said...

Love those!!

Katie said...

i like them!! i do have two pairs of white pants - one jeans and one linen. I like them but am always afraid I'll just get them too dirty. But I should wear them more!

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

i want white jeans!

Xo Megan

Lisa said...

Glad you found some white jeans that you like. I used to never wear white jeans either. Now I have a pair of white jeans, white capri's and white slacks. I can't live without them. So many tops go with them and you can create many different looks.

Kim, USA said...

You are right Lisa.

Adin B said...

Well, I guess you can always buy the trouser kind ate Kim and a real good fit white jeans to fit you well and none of those nasty look. hehehe... I don't own one and I wish I have one. I am keeping my eye on white pants or jeans next time. Yours are awesome. Like you said it easily gets dirty especially for me where I have two kids to tote around. Maybe I can buy one and save it for the time I don't have the kids with me while out and about. hahaha.... :) Great buy!!!!

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