Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ELF products

I happen to watch Oprah Winfrey and it so happen they are talking about this new make up line called ELF. They said Oprah like it and the price is right. I happen to find ELF products in Big Lots but it is not a lot of products to choose from. Today I went to HEB supermarket (we are still vacationing here in San Antonio) and guess what I found many products of ELF. I look at the price and yes, it is true the price is just right. I bought this two ( eyes shadow and blush on) for less than $10.00. Gonna try this product asap!

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Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Holy hiccups, I keep hearing about how great ELF products are but they are one of those things that seem to get stopped at the border. It's so frustrating what doesn't get into Canada sometimes!


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