Friday, January 27, 2012

Wrinkles Away Exercises

Okay, we may not agree but when we reach at the age of 40's our skin tend to change. Some see wrinkles as their prime problem. Some are the sagging skin from the face and we want to natural lift, right? Well I found an exercise that will keep away the wrinkles.

  1. To soothe puffiness and firm up eyelids: Open eyes wide and stare, then squeeze them tightly shut. Repeat several times.
  2. To discourage forehead lines and stimulate scalp muscles: Hold head still and look straight ahead. Raise eyebrows and forehead skin as high as you can. Feel the movement of the scalp and muscles around the ears. Relax. Repeat energetically several times
  3.  To discourage lines around the mouth: Force and exaggerated smile while mouth closed. Then relax lips. Pucker up lips as far as possible, then relax. With mouth shut, puff out cheeks and blow air from side to side several times. Then slowly blow air out. Repeat each exercise.
  4.  To firm up chin line:  Open mouth as wide as possible. Thrust lower lip out and up, try to touch nose. Repeat several times.
  5. To firm neck muscles and discourage wrinkles, repeat the following exercises several times: Throw head back. Jut chin and lower lip forward. Relax. Stick out tongue. Stretch it up to touch tip of nose. Relax. Sit at table. Place elbow on table and make fist under chin. Push down on fist with chin, at the same time, try to lift head upward with fist (Elbow must remain on table.) Relax.


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