Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's with my laughter

Just recently hubby is appreciating the way I laugh. It was my first time he told me that he likes the way the sound of my laughter, that is so sweet huh! I blushed lol! I was conscious for awhile and since yesterday was my mothers 12th year death anniversary I was not feeling good. The night before that I was already crying remembering the time when we were all at the hospital taking care of her. But she was in coma sort of and I know for sure that the only senses it left her is her sense of hearing. Yesterday, hubby never heard me laugh but today I started to laugh again unknowingly that he loves it. This morning I was laughing at our jokes and he commented again how he loves to hear me laugh, owsss so sweet of him! Blushing! He said there is something in there that excites him and make him happy, oh laban ka?

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Coloradolady said...

Hi Kim! I can not find your email I am leaving you a comment. You signed up for the secret santa swap and I need you to email me if you still want to participate. I need your mailing address and I need to send you a questionnaire to fill out before the 30th which is the cut off! Please let me know if you still want to be in the swap!! You can email me from the contact button on my right side bar of my blog!! Have a great day!!


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