Monday, October 24, 2011

My Malungay

In the Philippines malungay or kamungay in Cebuano is a common vegetable to see not here in the US of course. And because of that we drive for about 45 minutes or an hour just to buy a frozen malungay. Few years ago I found this Filipina who is selling vegetables in pots. I bought a pot of malungay and it is worth $25.00 Thankfully, it did not die but in winter it is my baby, lol! Right now it is sprouting with new leaves. Here are some of the photos.

I know that to us Filipino's this plant is very familiar to us. I found out that most of our tropical plants are air purifier. After I learned that they are all air purifier I did not hesitate to buy these flowers and it is worth $9.99. I told my hubby that in the Philippines we do not mind this plant but here I bought it, lol!! Here is what I am talking about.

And if you notice this plant excrete water. I never seen this in the Philippines but here only. Isn't that awesome? Linking this post to Green Monday.


imriz said...

pricey^_^ i'll give you more branches when u get back here in pinas:)
first time to hear such a malunggay oozing with water?

mygreenlivingideas said...

ooh, i so love malunggay, that's one of my favorite. thanks for sharing and hope to see you again on green monday

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