Friday, September 9, 2011

Where were you ten years ago?

I was in the Philippines  when the 9/11 attacked happened. I was inside an internet cafe emailing my husband (then bf)  when the people who are watching the TV were screaming. The people who are busy doing something in the internet were also surprised and scared we thought there might be a fire. Then I saw them all fixed to the TV and what I saw is the plane  crashed to a building. I can't recall if it is the 1st tower or the 2nd tower but I remember I feel  scared. A thought came to me a war would happen sooner or later and it did.

I never read any news after that but saw some of the snippets of photos because I can't help glanced toward a newspaper when I happened to passed a news stand. Until this time that I watched the one week show that Discovery channel showed this week. It hurts me more than it hurts me before and it make me more sad than before. People died for some ideology some people believe in. These people who died are all innocent doing their work jobs but never thought that it would the last day of their life. That makes me feel bad and sad.
Tomorrow, I am praying for all the victim and the family they left behind. It's the day that our very own country was attacked and I do hope that this would never be forgotten. And of us will look out for each other because this evil people know only one thing to hurt innocent people and we can avoid it by being vigilant. We can do our own peoples power by taking care of each other and looking out for each other. In one voice we all pray their souls.

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