Friday, September 9, 2011

It Pays To Be Safe

Yesterday, I went to my friend’s house and after we had a sumptuous lunch, we were chatting about life and the crime that we heard in the news all the time. I told them the stories that showed on TV and they could not believe what they heard. Some of my friends heard this crime and that crime and it is very scary I feel like we are not safe anymore. 
This morning, while we were eating our breakfast hubby told me that one of our neighbor found out that their house is burglarize. My reaction was shocked and disbelief I could not believe it this house is very close from us why I have not, notice anything? I feel bad about it. I told hubby because it happened now it would happened again unless this crooks be catch, apprehend and put in jail. 
I have been nagging hubby for quite sometime that he is going to buy for me stun guns and pepper spray. He laughs at me telling me I cannot carry stun guns because it is dangerous. I was not so sure of his answer because stun gun is for me the best safety thing that a woman could carry and even men.  I was browsing the internet when I found a website that has stun guns for sale. I become very interested to own one I know it is safe for me and to anybody to go around with out anything that could at least defend me. For now, stun gun and pepper spray are included in my Christmas list. 

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moni said...

Dear Kim,
I understand you very well that you are shocked if crime is in you neighborhood, but it is nothing for a christmas list! :)
I hope you feel better and safer with pepper spray and this is enough I think, I believe...


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