Thursday, September 22, 2011

I End Up Crying

I don't know if this also happened to you guys and gals but for me if I attend a funeral service I end up crying. Even if the person is not that close to me or I even know her or him it just made me cry. When listening to the priest or pastors talking and the testimony of the people who knew the person the words affected me. Hubby said you have a very soft heart you empathize what the people is feeling. I guess he is right.
Death is a word that in my native country is like a taboo. It is never been talk or an issue that is included in anyone's conversation. But when I arrived here in the US, I attended more funerals than wedding. One time I told hubby  I can count my fingers how many times I went to a wedding and that is less than five fingers, lol but with funerals I can't count them I attended too many. He said I guess because nobody wants to get married now lol! But anyway, going back to the funeral that we attended this afternoon the guy has nine kids with many of grandkids and he was remembered as kind, happy and loving father.
Today, is the 22nd death anniversary of my Papa. And I still remember him vaguely the way he smile and the way he comb his hair. After his first hypertension attack he couldn't go back to work again. So he became a stay at home father. There were time when he get bored, he easily lose his temper but he easily get back to his smiling and happy attitude. Looking back it pained me seeing him like that because through all his life he is a working man he never stops working and when he get sick he can't do anything so we understand him and put our patience to the highest degree. 
I really missed my Dad. So many events that come and gone I so wished he was with us. I guess he never thought I would live here in the US and my brother will become a cop and my sister is on her own. More so, he has four beautiful grand kids that if he live this far he will enjoy being around them. So many wishes so many hopes but he is gone forever. What I hold fast is the memories that he was the one who teach me how to cook. He is the one who teach me accounting, because he is a sales rep and he likes me to help him his paper works. He is the one who teach me how to be kind to people to have a heart to those who are lowly and we got his power SMILE that I can't help  but flash it to anybody. To my Papa rest in peace!


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