Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's wrong with Weiner?

Well as we all knew about what happened to some of our Congressman or Senator that they also have scandals in their life. One Republican just recently showed his half naked body to somebody online voila it ended his political career!! Well he accepted it and he gracefully exit the political arena just because he took off his shirt and showed it to somebody.
Now Weiner a Democrat had a hard time at first accepting the accusation!! Well  hello, everybody knew that if your account is hacked you can't logged it again. But he did logged in and I think that's what he knew about the photo of his &^%$* all over the whole wide web! He deny that he isn't the one sending it so who? Anyway, the point is that until now that he was already busted that it's true that it's his &^%$ and it's him who send it he don't want to stepped down. What the heck? What's the difference between a Republican and a Democrat then that the other one had a hard time stepping down while the other one readily stepped down after they are busted? What amuses me too is that many what we call "huge network" bite what he told them about hacking. They the so called upsilon journalist take his alibi? A 5th grader could figure it out immediately lol!!
Anyway, today I see Weiner again at aol website but didn't read what's the news but looks like there is another meaty news again gotta read it ^_^
I am back an update it says>> Weiner getting x-rated!! What the heck had to read it again lol!!

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