Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Can we trust our priest?

I have heard this question so many times from different people. And they continue to say that "they are ALL child molester or etc.". I am so glad that people ask it and not just to throw judgement to priest. The word "ALL" is not  a reality it's like telling that "ALL" the fathers are child molesters too since many fathers are also raping, sexually molesting, abusing their own children. But it's not!! The problem of today is that the media blow up the story without even digging what happened after the news broke up. Many of the accused priest were just being accused but when it was investigated they couldn't find any proof. And of course their are also some priest who did it and the church never deny it nor cover it up in fact those who are guilty are already spending time in jail. Just like any father who molested their own kids and find guilty are also in the jail. 
The thing with some people is that they generalize what they hear. If they hear in the news that a priest from Pennsylvania is accused of sexually molesting a child....they already generalize that ALLLL the priest are like that and that is not true. Many media also focus on the Catholic church only but what about other denominations? Do they have scandal in their church too, of course there are many.  But here is my take...we are all human and even if we are the president, priest, evangelist, ceo of a big company, a father, teacher, counselor, doctor or what ever label you have if you are sick person you are sick. And that's what we have to look for  a person, we have to open our 5 senses and not be naive. 

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