Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens

I was so shocked the other day when I read the entertainment news at AOL about Vanessa Hudgens. You see Vanessa Hudgens mother is a Filipina and though she was born here for the fact that her mother is a Filipina I knew for sure that her mother didn't lacked all the discipline and advices growing up. So when I knew that she is half filipino/american and she is in Hollywood I just had to say a prayer t hat I hope she won't became like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and other young stars who became an addict in drugs or alcohol. That's why when I saw her photos sticking her tongue eating some kind of a white "thing" I was like oh my gush!! I hope this kid will last. Though her camp says that it's a chocolate and not some kind of a "drugs", which I hope it's really a white chocolate but look to deny it, that would be the start of her down fall. Who knows what was this white thing but hope that her parents would set foot on this matter because it would be a pity for her if she ended up somewhere, right? Tale a look to this photo!


Kate said...

I believe that she's licking melted white chocolates. But we have rights to state our opinion though. :D

Kim, USA said...

Hi Kate, I do hope so. Nobody wants another kid to be addicted or go way ward. ^_^ Happy Easter!


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