Monday, April 25, 2011

I love retreats..

When I was single and working in another city and became involved to a Catholic Single community. I was introduced to a spiritual retreat. A friend who is also a group leader brought us to a Monastery in Bukidnon. For the first time I knew what is silencing of heart. The Monastery's name is Monastery of the Transfiguration and it is run by Benedictine monks. Like other Monasteries they prayed seven times for the whole day starting 4am  to 7pm. And that include the mass in the morning and in between of all those prayers they do work and they of course eat and of course they study.
As a visitor or retreatants we are given our assignment too of what to do the whole day. We each have our own room and of course every prayers and mass we are there. Yesterday, after the mass everybody were given a bulletin and when I looked at it, there was an announcement of a Spring days of Reflection at the Capuchin retreat center. I looked at the website immediately and I am drawn. I would love to come and have a retreat for I  missed it tremendously. Of course, hubby is gonna be with me!!! Looking forward to this and praying we could join and why not? ^_^

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