Saturday, March 19, 2011

Solemnity of St Joseph and my story

      Today is the Solemnity of St. Joseph the Foster Father of Jesus.

St. Joseph was an ordinary manual laborer although descended from the royal house of David. In the designs of Providence he was destined to become the spouse of the Mother of God. His high privilege is expressed in a single phrase, "Foster-father of Jesus." About him Sacred Scripture has little more to say than that he was a just man-an expression which indicates how faithfully he fulfilled his high trust of protecting and guarding God's greatest treasures upon earth, Jesus and Mary.
The darkest hours of his life may well have been those when he first learned of Mary's pregnancy; but precisely in this time of trial Joseph showed himself great. His suffering, which likewise formed a part of the work of the redemption, was not without great providential import: Joseph was to be, for all times, the trustworthy witness of the Messiah's virgin birth. After this, he modestly retires into the background of holy Scripture. 

St Joseph, has a very special place in my heart. My story with him start in the early of 1990's. I was working at that time and I was involved with a single professional catholic community in the city that I worked. That time I was changed 180 degrees. I became very involved and at the same time I started to read the bible, learned the doctrine and dig more of the treasures of the church offered to us. At that time I was at the age that many of my friends even my co-workers started to settle down. Even in the office the I used to work there were only two of us that left behind the so called "single ladies". At the bottom of my heart I questioned myself why I haven't had a serious relationship and why I can't find the right man for me. But I didn't lose hope I prayed to God. 
Then in my spiritual reading I came to St. Joseph story. It dawned on me that I would asked for an intercession to him. It's like here on earth that when something is going on we asked for the help of a lawyer or any body to help us. So I looked for a novena prayer intended for St. Joseph, a novena prayer is a nine consecutive days offered to God with the intercession of St. Joseph. At the last day or the ninth day, I asked that I may find a man for me, the right man, and I also remember that says if you ask anything to God be specific, so I did. I said this right man should give me PINK ROSES! And that is the sign that he is the right man for me. 
Well the man didn't come the next day, nor the next week, nor the next year.....but after 10 YEARS!! I had brave the most painful experienced of my life in those years, my mother died and my nephew, troubles in the family was imminent and if I don't have God in my life I will broken into pieces. But God is good, I am a witness that God listen and never forsaken us, after 10 years I meet my husband. And things change dramatically and the rest is history.
Okey the question might be, did you receive the PINK ROSES??? Yes I did, after I say that novena prayer and waited for 10 long years my prayer is answered. Was I surprised? I was. Was I questioned if it's really true, yes I did!! 
That's why St. Joseph is very very close to my heart. In my prayers, I always asked Mama Mary and St. Joseph to guide me and to be with me in my prayer to God. With those two as my lawyer in heaven can I be wrong?? Hehehe! 
                                                               HAPPY FEAST DAY!! 


Shawn Becker said...

I loved your story. Being Lutheran, I do not celebrate Saints but I have heard about the importance of them in your faith. Happy feast day...

Calleigh said...

Hello Manang Kim... your story is truly inspirational. It reminds me that the Divine influence often works. Just what I did when I had my novena with Santo Nino while I was preggy. Im a true believer of particular saint too like you.

Keep it coming.. I mean your stories.


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