Friday, March 18, 2011

CC: I cried a river

Rodliz’s Nest
Oh my I was so late in my entry here I can't find Mommy Liz site in my bookmark menu. Good thing I went to Tejan blog and found an old Couple's Corner post, there I was able to come to the blog site.
Last week post " When I thought it's over" is for me I cried a river....ah no an ocean!! ^_^ With matching flying chair and broken  vases. I don't like that moment because it doesn't bring me good as well as my hubby. I am only very thankful that I come out in that incident not putting grudges to my hubby. In other words, I was healed and as hubby told me to look around feel it if he is doing something that is against our marriage vow. Which of course, I didn't  see any at all. 

P.S. Mommy Liz you have to give me a reward this is the shortest entry ever! Hehehehe!
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Calleigh said...

I read that entry Manang Kim.. Oh my gulay.... that was touching..yet it put a smile on my face bec it was happy ending hahaha.

Happy TGIF.

Ai KaiRui Liu said...

hehehe....ganun talaga sometimes we realize everything we've done on the later in life and it was really no good to do that thing again...

here'e my entry

Mommy Liz said...

Hehehe! I knew that you cried an ocean after that flying chair and broken vases. I can't imagine that someone who looks fragile can even carry a chair, and throw it, hahaha! you must really be hurt that time. But good thing is, you were able to get back together with holding a grudge on each other.

Jona said...

whoa! that must be big. was it sweeter the 2nd time around? thanks for sharing even if it's late :D
I cried A river

Anonymous said...

Un petit bonjour de France!

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