Saturday, March 26, 2011

Guide in buying your wardrobe

With the economic condition being what it is, I see to it that I spend my money in good way. We don't have credit card so when we buy something it has to be budgeted and if you buy it in cash you don't want to splurge. So I was thinking what is worth spending for or buying on the cheap side? Here's a guide for your wardrobe items:

  • Jeans: Spend. You can wear jeans everywhere so splurge on one or two good pairs. It should have the right amount of stretch, has an attractive dark wash and should fit better than a cheaper pair. 
  • T-shirt: Save. Because you wear them close to your skin and wash them more often, they don't last long. Choose one that has a good fit and that doesn't look flimsy - which you can buy at low price.
  • Trendy Items: Save. Why overspend on fashion that will be gone in a few  months' time? There are some fashion, however, like nautical - inspired clothing, that will come around again and again which you can spend on.
  • Work shoes: Spend. You need a good quality pair that will withstand daily use. Higher prices mean higher-quality elements, like soft leathers that breathe, good cushioning and top craftsmanship. Choose comfortable heel heights and classic styles.


DeanO said...

True - if it wasn't for my waist size I could still wear jeans I own from many years gone past - t-shirts become rags and fashionable go out of style.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...
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BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Very sensible, especially the shoes. Most shoes today are cheap (not in price though) and are synthetic which doesn't stretch and aren't very comfortable. It's difficult to find leather shoes with leather lining though.
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Calleigh said...

off topic manang Kim.. pls. give me your email, just post it to my blog since it is moderated anyway so I dont need to publish it.


IMRIZ said...

i enjoyed reading the tips. tama ka we dont need to spend/splurge on things na d nman kailangan at madali nwwala sa uso...

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