Friday, March 25, 2011

Couples Corner:Together Again

Rodliz’s NestAfter I cried an ocean and stayed at the hotel for a night. The next day hubby brave himself to come over the hotel and  knocked at the door. I only had few hours of  sleep and every time I remember of what happened I cried again. I was a bit groggy because I remember I haven't eaten the whole day and so I feel weak. 
Then I heard a knocked at the door I thought it's the house cleaner but when I opened the door it was my hubby!! My heart do the somersault, my ear do the clapping hehehehe. I was happy I saw my honey when I saw him I missed him terribly.  But I didn't let my emotion go against what I portrayed on my face. I was portraying a face that is mad and not unhappy. But when I saw my honeys face, I was surprised, he looked very haggard, his eyes is blood shot, I knew he is crying and he doesn't sleep. That changed my whole attitude. I told him to set down and he told me that I am going back home, and I said yes of course, I want to sleep on my bed hehehe. That lighten up his face and he knew right there that I was back to NORMAL! We embraced and kissed each other and we knew that we are okey. ^_^
Heading back home, I didn't talked about what happened. For me it was a waste of time I knew for sure he didn't mean to do it. It was the urge of this "male friend" of his that he chatted to his "male friend gf" and even if in their chat there is nothing that makes me feel insecure or jealous but my ego was pricked. And I lose my control it escalated to a riot hehehe. 
What happened made me realized that in marriage life there will be some instances that our trust will be tested. And it takes a lot of communication to iron the things that are not clear. To open up our feeling to our spouse is very important so they knew what we are thinking and not that they will  let them guess. As hubby told me I can't read your mind so speak. ^_^  Now I over speak, akala ko meron pa akong audience lalo na kung inis ako dakdak ako nang dakdak, yun pala pag tingin ko sa likuran ko, disappear na si hubby hehe. 

                                                        You can build
                         a relationship that will withstand
                                   the storms of life.     


Mommy Liz said...

hehehe! ganyan din si Rodney, kapag dakdak ako ng dakdak, aalis na lang, di raw niya ako marinig lalo kapag sumisigaw ako. You're right Manang Kim, in marriage life, laging may trials laging may time na masusubok ang ating trust, but if we both know how to handle it and our love is strong, we will be able to by pass everything. LOVE prevails.

ni link na kita sa linky love..:)

Calleigh said...

Hahaha, I love reading your love story Manang Kim.. but it happens all the time. Marriage is not a bed of roses, it is oftentimes subject to a test to pass the windward of a point.

Jona said...

korak! kelangan lang talaga pag-uusap ng mag-asawa :D sorry for the late visit. my Couple's Corner entry.

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