Sunday, May 23, 2010


I heard this word just now when I watch the news TV PATROL. But I knew that this new generation used this kind of words specially on texting somebody. And even the not so new generation people used this in their shout out in Facebook or other social network site. And my take on this thing I so don't like it. And don't ever tell me that it is an expression of ones self what ever you say I don't care. Because   for me if you wanted to be heard and understand you have to write well!! 
Jejemon language is the combination of jeje+pokemon. And it is more complicated than typing short word. One time my niece answered me the jejemon way gushness I didn't send  a load. She asked me, Ma why you didn't send a load? I said oh, you need a load I didn't knew you're asking for a load I don't understand what you are writing. Oh di ba di na leksyon!! Hahahaha! Nwies (jejemon at to) it is fun to do it but I just hope it will not affect the youngsters, mga bagets in there educational growth. It would be so sad if we don't know nothing because of some fads or uso. So for youngsters out there go for it but be sure it won't affect your studies. 


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