Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not feeling well

Two nights ago I didn't feel good already. I couldn't sleep and my throat is just too sore I had a hard time swallowing. In the middle of the night because I got up and drink vinegar since I knew that it would help sore throat. After I drink 1 tablespoon of vinegar I was able to sleep. But the next day as I woke up I already felt so sick, I don't like to get sick I feel miserable I have so many things to do in mind but can't do it. Anyhow, yesterday I had a movie marathon and hubby pampered me with Krispy & Kreme doughnuts and also KFC fried chicken. I also got last night noodle soup but just it I don't have a taste of any of them. Right now still not feeling well so I am here in front of my laptop, on the coach, wrap with blanket and in front of the tv watching EWTN. So that is for now, be back later.

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