Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gratuity or tip

Yesterday was mine and Angel's post-birthday party bash in one of the famous asian restaurant here in MI. Well the food is really good specially us Asians who do appreciate seafood a lot. They have escabeche, steamed fish, tempura, fried fish, aside from the arrays of sushi's, may mami pa, at marami pang ibang food. As in I pig out everytime hubby and I go there. Aside from the great selection of foods, eat all you can pa! Talagang bonga! A plate cost $13.99 so okey lang eh kasi kahit 3 or 4 times pang mag balik eh okey lang naman. Pero nong nagbayaran na we noticed that 15% is the gratuity that they added to the amount, I thought pag eat all you can restaurant it is our choice to give gratuity or not, right? But anyhow, we had fun and that is what matters!! Happy Sunday!


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