Friday, May 23, 2014

Denim Jacket

I am so happy about my weight lose because I am almost to my desired weight which is 115 and that is another 4  pounds to lose, yepeyyy!! And because from extra large/large then medium and now to small p or xs I took many of my clothes to donate. Believe me I have 8 black bags full and a bag of shoes since my feet also shrink to 6 shoe size from 7/ 7.5!! I told hubby if it would be nice if I get back to my college weight which is 95 lbs and he said heck NO!! LOL! But anyway it does feel good when I lose those unwanted pounds though. I still do eat my rice from white to brown hehe. I took everything in moderation now but drink lots of water with lemon on it specially in the morning. Anyway here is my latest pic...

                        Denim Jacket: Old Navy/ Top: Express/Jeans:Jessica Simpson/Shoes:Target
                                  Linking to Friday Fab Favorites, Casual Friday, What I Wore Wednesday


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