Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wedding Destination

     Today we receive the wedding destination invitation of my step-granddaughters wedding. The wedding will be held in Dominican Republic and it will be in October. Hubby and I check immediately the hotel and the flight on that day and the weather of course. At first I do not know what a destination wedding is so I called the daughter of my husband and ask what it is. She told me a wedding destination is when the whole entourage and the bride and groom and the guest will go to a certain place for the wedding to come through. That is why in the invitation the wedding will be in Dominican Republic so the next thing I check is the weather. The hotel and the area they are going to wed are close to the beach so I thought the wedding will be by the beach. After I check the weather I thought to myself we have to get some clothing that appropriate for the weather and the event. I am from Asia and I know how it feels when it is too hot in the tropical countries. Polyester clothing is a big no it sticks to your body but the silk, cotton, linen are very appropriate for those places. Linen Pants is clothing I should bring to this destination wedding.  Online supplier of linen shirts I found online and as I browse the site I love what I see. I see to it that on this destination wedding of my hubby’s granddaughter we look fabulous!

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