Wednesday, September 5, 2012

White Pants

Who says 40-ish women can't wear white pants? ^_^ Joke! Anyone can wear anything white no matter what your age are. Actually this is the year that I jump into wearing white pants and or white dress. I am not comfortable with white pants nor white or off white dress I feel all the bumps are visible. One thing that I really take aware when I wear my white pants is to not let your undies visible. Try to conceal it or wear in the same color so as not to be very visible. Since then I like wearing white and is one of my favorite pants because it goes with any color. Try it!

Clue on this outfit everything is thrifted/ discounted.


Adin B said...

And it is beautiful my dear. Love this and I am still jealous because I don't have any white pants at all. Nada! Ugh! I want a pair or two. Better go thrift shopping then. hehehe... :) Love that blazer ate Kim.

joy said...

wow! ganda mo Kim! From Color connection!

chubskulit said...

Ganda nito ate, parang pang magazine ang get up mo.

Thanks for linking up with Color Connection last week. The link is up now, I am excited to what color you are sharing this week.

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