Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another shoes for me

Hubby went to his eye check up the other day and since the shopping mall is just right next door I went there while hubby is in the other side of the building. Look what I have found, two beautiful shoes that I so love!!

                                           It's a wedge and the first time I laid my eye on this I immediately had a crush on it the color is perfect and the price?? Guess how much $ 15.00 yup it is on sale!

        On the same shelves I found this awesome reddish pointy shoes. Right away I took it and fit it, voila it fits me well and so loving the color. It looks like burgundy and the heel is not too high just really good looking if I pair this with white pants or white skirt! Guess how much is's $15.00 on sale!


Adin B said...

Awesome! Two new shoes. Well, I woman can't have way too many shoes right. hehehehe... Love the wedge ate Kim. If pul-an ka labay diria. hahahaha.... :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing deals! Love the style and colors of both pairs. And since your hubby was getting his eyes checked and most likely couldn't see well when he came out from his appointment it made it easy to hide them in the trunk! ;)

Kim, USA said...

Hi Adin, I don't know why we women like shoes there is no stopping hehe.

Kim, USA said...

Hi Joni, yes you are right. Good thing the trunk is huge hahahaha.

Honeybee said...

I love wedges---my top favorite! They are my "going out" shoes. It's easier to balance yourself on a wedges, plus it gives me instant height :)
~Visiting u from bloghopseveryday.

The Pretty Pinhead said...

I really like those wedges. I am very clumsy in heels, but wedges are great for height and much easier to walk in!

New follower from Blog Hope Till You Drop!

The Pretty Pinhead

Naptime Review said...

Love the shoes.

New follower from blog hop everyday. Love for you to stop by and return the follow. Also, hosting Favorite Product Friday. Love for you to link up a fabulous review or product you love. Hope to see you there!

M.sagha.MA said...


Bev said...

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new follower bev

Sheila said...

Awesome shoes! I love the red ones.

Thanks very much for reading my blog!

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