Monday, July 2, 2012

Rummage Sale

Two weeks ago bunch of friends went to a Church Rummage sale. It was Friday the last of the rummage sale so for one bag it will cost only $7.00. We went immediately inside and look for what we could find. Here is what I have found....

 I've been looking for a white/off white blazer but I could not find that sets on my budget. Good thing I went to the rummage sale I found this H&M white blazer single breasted!

 Another short blazer that I found is Michael Kors I did not hesitate to grab it.

                                        This one bring a smile on my face. This is BCBG maxzaria though it is large size but I think I can fix this. I so love the color and  it is stripes.

This one is another BCBG Maxazria. I wore this at church yesterday and it fits good. Love the wrap around style.

So how much is this all? It is only $2.00!!! Because I could not make my plastic bag full I transfer my haul to my friend and there are three of us sharing one bag. That makes my share a whooping $2.00. What a deal huh?



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