Saturday, June 9, 2012

Do you tan yourself?

I was browsing the internet and stumble on Patricia Krentcil story. She is now labeled as the "Tanning Mom" for putting her six year old daughter in tanning bed, police says. I could not even believe she is only 44 years old!!!  (cbs new york). What ever is her reason why she loves tanning is her take but for me I am not going to bring my child to tanning saloon. Why should I, when I see the result just by looking at her. If it does good on her why she looks like that? I saw the pictures on her flash on tv when she was young she was gorgeous but because of exposing her skin to tanning saloon her skin looks leathery, right? I never been to a tanning saloon or buy a tanning lotion I like my skin and one thing though I do not like to get old and my skin looks like leathery. My question is do you tan yourself?

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