Saturday, April 14, 2012

Got To Have It

Women love shopping. I know some do not they get overwhelm what to buy but not me. I know what exactly what I will buy if I am going shopping. One thing if I go shopping it takes me time to finish and get out from one store. Hubby had to wait and wait for me sometimes I told him to get a coffee and stay at the café house, lol!

However, what most of the women do shop? I know for two things, a bag and shoes. That is the most particular things that women do get when shopping. However, when was the last time we get sexy lingerie for our self? I myself have not shopped for myself since hubby has to do it, lol! The thing is if men do the sexy lingerie shopping, sometimes it is too tight or too loses. Sometimes, hubby got it right but that is only one time. It would be fun if girlfriends would do sexy lingerie shopping. Because we get to know each other more and why is that? Well, some like to be in the conservative type and some like to do all the way, like too sexy. For the lace and me, sometimes-sexy lingerie could be in the color too. Lace is sexy when it is set on the right spot.  I like red and blue or black even pink green or yellow those are very seductive color at night.

One time I chatted with my stepdaughters, we compare notes about sexy lingerie and many of them never ever shop in the mall. As what I have said the husband is the one who bought for the wife but never had the wife bought one for herself. That is one reason why women do not shop in the mall for sexy lingerie it is some somewhat embarrassing or an awkward moment. Thankfully, I found this site and they had plenty of sexy lingerie that I like.  Take look friends and see if you like some of this sexy lingerie. I know for sure you like one or two in there. Have fun looking!

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Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Kim, great post! I used to have a lot of pretty lingerie but then I gained weight and it doesn't fit anymore. I'll check out the website.

Have a great weekend, and I love your tulip picture below.

Kathy M.


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