Friday, March 23, 2012


I think most of the women love bags and shoes. But I also know some women who are not into shoes and that's my SIL. ^_^ Me I do love shoes and bags hubby says my closet is like a boutique, lol!

Dutch shoes


Adin B said...

Ate Kim I like the brown one. hehehe.. Love the shoes! :) Labay nya diria ug mapul-an na.. hahaha.. just kidding!

Jama said...

I love shoes! but nowadays it's only 1-2 inches heel, no more stilettos. It's comfort pump shoes for me now.

april said...

very cute

C said...

I'm rather into 3/4 sleeve shirts :)
Dutch shoes are cute.

Annie said...

Those Dutch shoes are so cute - nice photo! I like this shoe theme.

Sue said...

I love shoes too! That red pair are gorgeous! Great collection of photos for Gattina's theme :)

Photo Cache said...

I love shoes, but not that much. I try to limit anything to what I really need. I bought Dutch shoes magnet when we were in Amsterdam airport.

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