Tuesday, February 7, 2012


You know how the saying goes, " A woman isn't fully dressed until she is made up?" Yes, dressing up includes your face. And it is fashionable to use make-up just as it is wise to be guided by the fashionable look each year. You may opt for the look for all seasons - the natural make-up-no make-up lool. But a crisp, clean, and smart make-up look can be just as flattering.
Remember the rule: Less Is More. Older women (30's and up) should learn to us less make-up. Heavily made up faces tend to look older, and affected.
You can create the face you want through make-up. Cosmetic make-overs can change your self-image and outlook and the way you feel about yourself. There are skin-health benefits as well. Modern cosmetics have built-in sunscreens and protectors against environmentally-stressed skin. Therefore, using make-up is better for your skin-protection than not wearing anything at all. Take pains in choosing the correct cosmetics.

                                                                  Less is more.
                                              Minimize over-painting your face.
                                                 Use a light make-up for daytime and more 
                                                         dramatic eyes for night time.


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