Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gold purse.

                                 These afternoon I went to GW. And see what I got that I so love it.

    This is just $2.99 and I was so happy to see this took it right away and in my mind I say you are sold!
     I can see myself with this with my poncho ^_^

                   These is a cutie for $3.99 with a tag from the store still ^_^ It's soft and silky.

                      A poncho for $3.99 and something that I haven't tried or do not have in my closet yet.
                                    I tried it with leggings and high heels geez I look rich hahahaha!

      These piece of clothing I also do not have in my closet. The size is right and I like it when I try it on.
       with leggings, a top with sequins on it, my gold purse picture above, a high heeled boots. I am set                            for a night with girlfriends, lol!!
That's my haul for today. I spent only $15.00++ with them all. Spend right, fell right, feel rich in a budget!


lina @women's perspectives said...

Wow, with only $15, you can get all that pretty items?

Umma said...

15 bucks? Wow... asa man na nimo gi palit manang Kim.. ka sagad man nimo ka kita sang mga sale items.. True.. feeling rich jud without depleting our wallet..

april said... your post ! i cant wait to see ur pic in cardi and gold purse..i LOVE your purse..i gotta go to GW ..thats awesome vintage purse..i wanna have one too!

Kim, USA said...

Hi Lina, yes you can! We have many thrift stores in the US that really have awesome deals. You can find branded clothing and if you know what you are looking for you can find it. ^_^

Kim, USA said...

Ms. Umma yes my dear kayang kaya yan hehe. I found this in Goodwill. And Goodwill buy Target items that they don't need already. Marami may tag pa ^_^

Kim, USA said...

Hi Pril, yes you have to visit those thrift stores you find gorgeous deals there and branded items. And with your size there are many that you gonna like. ^_^

mathea said...

that's my biggest dream, thrifting in U.S. hahaha mas madami pa din magaganda dyan syempre. love the bag

Em said...

Oh Wow! I thought only in Greenhills can you buy such bongga outfits at a cheap price. Will wait for your outfits post ha! Thanks for dropping by my blog :)


Lorena said...

Oh... the joy of thrifting !
that poncho is marvelous :)

Adin B said...

Oh how I love your finds, ate Kim. Love it! It is always nice to be able to know that we got some great items for such a great deal. I feel like going on a thrift shopping. I haven't been thrift shopping this year. Visiting and following you ate kim as well.

Adin B

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